Air Force One "Love Potion"

Usually I have a name for my shoes before I begin the actual custom process...either i'll come up with the name after I do a final sketch or i'll have the name in my head long before then.  With this particular shoe I had no idea what to call it even as I was doing the actual painting of it.  Then for whatever reason, the Sandra Bullock movie "Love Potion #9" popped in my head (not sure why as I haven't watched that film in years) and I just ran with that name.  Being as though I made these to be a ladies only shoe and with the design and color combo I guess it felt like a good fit.  Originally I went with "Love Potion #10" but dropped the 10 off of the name.

This is one of my signature patterns that I decided to bring back (had actually incorporated elements of it in a previous shoe called Cocktail Lounge) but made some subtle changes in the design.

This is a ladies only design and is currently available to order at the online store at the link below: