Customer Spotlight: Jordan 3 "Azure"

Not too long ago, a repeat customer of mine who purchased a pair of the "Sunburn" Jordan 3s asked me "What would the Sunburn design look like in blue?".  After sending me a pair of the Jordan 3 Fire Reds it was time to answer that question.

I gave these the nickname "Azure" because it's the word used to describe the shade of blue seen in the sky on a summer day, although the actual shoes feature various shades of blue.  It also features a similar fade effect (which was done without an airbrush) seen on the sunburn 3s.  The last photo has a side-by-side comparison of the two.

This particular version was a 1-of-1 and not for sale but another version of these are in the works (will have the same design but with a different color selection).  The upcoming version will be available to order from the online store,