Air Jordan 1 "Desert Camo" Custom

I happen to find camouflage prints interesting (although i've never really worn them) so after doing the digi camo theme a while back, I wanted to do another camouflage print.  I picked the desert camo print since I think it has an interesting look to it.  And to stick with the military theme I even added in the custom dog tags since I thought it was a nice touch.  These are currently available in the online store although I may only produce a certain amount.  I will also include a bonus item for the first 5 customers who order (customer will be emailed more info after order is placed).  I am also offering a freestyle option, meaning if you want the same design in a different colorway or even on a different shoe then it can be arranged as well.

Air Jordan 1 "Desert Camo":

Desert camo freestyle option: