"South Beach 2015"

In November of 2012, I made the South Beach Jordan 4s.  While I liked the results, at the time to me I thought it was just another custom, however, the response was pretty big and while I don't feel it's my best work creatively I would consider it my most popular custom to this day.  Lots of orders for that shoe were made throughout 2013 and through part of 2014....I honestly can't remember how many of these I made!  I even made one for a player in the NFL during that time.

After a while, when the Military Blue Jordan 4s (the shoe used to make this design) started to become scarce and Jordan brand seemed to no longer be producing them, I eventually stopped taking orders for them.  People as early as a few months ago were still asking about them when I would occasionally post them on my instagram as a "Throwback Thursday" pic (Follow me on Instagram as ecentrikartistry).

Meanwhile, last year Jordan Brand announced some of  their Jordan Retro lineup for 2015.   That lineup included a remastered version of the Jordan 4 Columbia Blue (or Legend Blue).  After getting a look at the shoe I immediately thought of doing a remake of the popular South Beach custom.

Admittedly I originally told myself I hadn't planned on making the South Beach custom again, but after this shoe was announced & thinking of how many of my newer followers who discovered my work later loved them but missed out on them the first time, I thought it was a no-brainer.

So after grabbing a pair of Legend Blues after their release, I immediately put the theme together again.  Here is the finished product:

This version was/is actually much more fun to work with than the original version due to the better material quality.  The mesh is substituted with leather and the tongue tags are replaced with the stitched-on Jumpman.  To me the shoe has a better overall feel than the Military Blues do.  The shoe has no real changes from the original design other than the former mesh areas being in navy blue instead of black to match the liner inside the shoe and the tabs being left navy blue (thought it was a nice touch).  Also, on the originals the teal was a little more of a blueish tone whereas this version the teal is a genuine South Beach tone, which is exactly like the original South Beach Lebron 9s that the colorway originated from.  I also love the more flexible back and side tabs on these as opposed to the plastic ones on the Military Blues.

This shoe is available now in the online store in both Men's and Women's/Grade School sizes.  You also have the option of supplying your own Legend Blue 4s for customization if you choose to.  All of the pricing and order info for all options are located in the store link below.