"Taxi Cab"

We see them everyday (especially if you live in New York City).  Sometimes we take them for granted, but a lot of us use them to get back and forth as well.  Being in the city, I see taxis every single day (I even have a cab driver who lives near me and parks his cab outside his house).  So I thought it would make a cool theme.

I started off with a pair of the Jordan 6 Infrareds (the Sport Blues would've been a good base as well):

And turned those into these:

In a sense, these kind of reminded me of the Coffee & Donuts theme from 2013...although the Taxi Cabs aren't food-themed, I feel like they kinda had the same thought process and uniqueness and would be just as eye-catching.  The checkered pattern on the midsole was 5 hours of work alone (all my custom work is hand-painted.....no stenciling or airbrushing).  It was very tedious work but the end result was well worth it.  On a sidenote, I was super stoked to get photos of these and wanted to have the perfect background so I googled a few taxi garages in the city (just wanted to get one good pic of these in front of a parked cab).  Ended up finding this cab garage with the cool awning & taxi colors outside and then later stumbled upon a water cab near the river in Manhattan (too bad I couldn't get a closer pic).

These are currently available to order from the online store (all customs come with the shoes included unless noted otherwise.....can supply your own as well).

Taxi Cab Jordan 6: http://ecentrik.bigcartel.com/product/jordan-6-taxi-cab-custom