Customer Spotlight: "Captain America"

Actually did these a month ago but never got around to posting them here and figured with today being July 4th in the states, this would be a good time to share them due to the theme.

Recently I came to find out that a good friend of mine here in NYC happens to be friends with Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Joe Quesada, which was mentioned to me after she saw some Comic book themed shoes that I posted on my Instagram page the day that Avengers: Age of Ultron hit the theaters (those shoes were the "Gamma Bomb" Jordan 3s, the "Iron Man" Jordan 6s (which have since been sold), and these "Thor" Jordan 3s that I did for a customer last year).  She told me that Joe's daughter is a big Captain America fan and that the Quesadas wanted to get her a pair of customs made as a gift.

The base shoe was a pair of Reebok Freestyle Highs:

These made a great canvas for the custom theme.  So then after getting some inspiration from some Captain America photos (I wanted to go with something based on the classic comic look of the character), here was the finished product:

Aside from the comic style poses on the toes, I centered most of the shoe detail around the actual costume, using the scaly pattern on Cap's costume along with the "A" symbol from his mask and the blue with the white stripes on the torso of the costume and the star emblem from the chest of the costume.  And with one of the character pics on the toes, I even wanted to incorporate the pouchy-style belt that Cap wears in most of the more recent comics.

This particular shoe was a 1-of-1 that won't be duplicated.  However, I want and plan to visit the Captain America theme again sometime in the future.

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