"Blue Magic 2015"

Last year I did a custom shoe that I titled "Blue Magic" (see original post here).  I did them as a pair for my personal collection and they got lots of good feed back on my instagram account.  However, the shoe wasn't made available since they were a personal pair and I had no plans to accept orders for them.  Well a year later, with Jordan Brand releasing the French Blue 7s, I got the inspiration to remake this shoe using those as a base as I felt they better represented that theme.  And also, unlike the previous 1-of-1 version, I am making these available to the public to order.

To do a little comparison, I'll post a before and after with the 2014 version and a before and after with the new 2015 version.

The 2014 version was made using the Jordan 7 DMP Magic:

(2014 before - Jordan 7 "DMP Magic")

(2014 After - Jordan 7 "French Blue")

And here is the before and after for the new 2015 version:

(2015 before - Jordan 7 "French Blue")

(2015 After - Jordan 7 "Blue Magic 2015" custom)

As mentioned earlier, these are available to order for a limited time.  Prices and ordering info are at this link: http://www.ecentrik.bigcartel.com/product/jordan-7-blue-magic-custom