Customer Spotlight: "Philadelphia Eagles" (again)

I've done a bunch of Philadelphia Eagles customs over the years.  The most notable ones made recently would be these (the Air Max 90s) and these, and with football season starting again, the football requests seem to be coming in again.

I get quite a bit of inquiries for football themed customs, however, it seems like it's always the Philadelphia Eagles and Seattle Seahawks fans who follow through with getting those custom themes done to rep their teams (i've done a few other teams but it's usually those two and as of this post, I have another Seahawks request in the works).  So recently I got another Eagles custom request.

The customer requested some Eagles Air Force 1 mids with the number 73 on the tongues, the eagle logo on the toe box areas, Eagles letter logo on the straps, and the name "Miki" on the sides of the shoes.  Although i've done a ton of this theme, it's still an enjoyable theme to do.  There's just something about doing sports requests that I get a kick out of....would actually like to get more of these regardless of team.  Want to rep your team?  Email at for all inquiries.


  1. I am from Philly, have been and always be an Eagles fan. I live in Tucson, Arizona now, but I gotta have some of these!!! Where can I get em???

    1. Hi Douglas,

      To order, email me at Thanks.

  2. I am from Philly. I live now in Tucson, AZ. I am and always will be an Eagles fan. I need these shoes. How can I get them???


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