"Marble 1985"

1985 was the year that the very first Nike Air Jordan shoe was released.  It's a shoe that would go on to launch a timeless and endless series of sneakers inspired by arguably the greatest NBA player of all time.

I remember having a pair of these as a kid except I had the red and black ones (known to sneakerheads as the "Banned" Jordan 1s)

Loved the black and red but always wanted the red/white/black ones as well (aka the "Chicago") but never had that colorway.  However, what I did have sitting in my bedroom was a pair of unworn white/infrared Jordan 1s:

I had these sitting around since spring and had no idea what theme I wanted to do on them.  Actually, me and a friend talked about doing a speed lapse video of me creating a custom from start to finish and thought I would do something on these for that video but he never got back to me about it (if he reads this, I still wanna do that video evntually!  Lol).  So one day, I got the idea that I wanted to revisit the marble floors theme but in a different color (see the original ones here).  Brainstormed for a while on some color ideas and then figured, "Why not do that OG Jordan 1 colorway I always wanted as a kid but never had?"  Figured it would look awesome in the marble theme plus the infrared sole on these would blend nicely.

So after about a good 12-13 hours of work here is the finished product:

Instead of a Nike or Jordan jumpman logo on the tongue tags, I put the year 1985 in an old school style font on the tags instead.  And for good measure, here's a top to bottom comparison with the original Jordan 1s from 85 and the custom version:

Now this custom pair is for my own personal collection.  However, if interested I can remake this Jordan 1 theme (customer would have to supply the shoe if they want them on the infrared 1s).  I can also do them in different colors and/or a different shoe if desired.  Just email me at info@ecentrikart.net (prices start between $150 to $200 and depend on desired style and cost of shoe or if you plan to send your own).