Customer Spotlight: "Black Sheep"

A few weeks ago, I posted a pair of Jordan 4 Red Urban Camo Customs.  Well, the same client, who has a military background, wanted a similar theme done for his brother.  So he sent me a pair of the Jordan 10 "Chicago (Double Nickel)" shoes for the "Black Sheep" custom (the name idea was from the client as well).  The shoes feature the same urban camouflage style pattern but with black as a base color and silhouettes of 45 caliber shells around the number 45 that's located on both shoes.  The custom dog tags have the word "INFAMOUS" engraved on them.  This project was a 1 of 1 privae order that will not be duplicated but similar themes can be done by request.  To contact for all custom inquiries (serious inquiries only), email at