Customer Spotlight: Pearl Perri Boots II

Been a while since i've done a blog so I figured now would be a good time to update since I have an awesome recent project to show.  Around this time last year, my awesome friend Pearl of Pearl Perri Fashion & Visionary Art commissioned a pair of custom boots from me to wear to an event (check them out here).  Well, this year she commissioned another pair.  She gave me the color scheme that she wanted, which was a purple/black/hot pink combination and the base to use as a canvas.

The base was a pair of tall white Doc Martens Boots:

And below is the finished product:

I loved working with these...I was excited for the challenge of applying my personal style to such a unique canvas, which is different from the canvas bases that I normally work with.  A big thank you again to Pearl Reich of PearlPerri Fashion & Visionary Art for the opportunity.  I should also mention that it was Pearl who introduced me to the world of body art!  I had always been aware of it and followed it for a brief period but it was Pearl who actually offered me the opportunity to do actual body art last year.  So far i'm loving it as it's an additional lane for me to express my creativity.  Looking to build up my portfolio in that area so I can share more of my body art work!