Jean Michel Basquiat (ver. 2.0)

Some may remember the Air Jordan 3 customs I did for a client last year themed after legendary artist Jean Michel Basquiat (to check them out again, click here).  Recently I decided to take up the challenge of doing a second pair but this time on a different shoe in the Nike Air Force 1 Highs.

Basquiat had a very interesting style that I would say is an acquired taste.  I personally know a few fellow artists who aren't too big on his work as well as fellow artists who are huge fans of it.  I for one have always been very intrigued by his work which is what led me to want to do this theme a second time.  Between creating this pair and the previous pair, translating his style is a very interesting task and while it's not something i'm used to being as though his style is different from my personal art style, I did have fun with this and the past Basquiat projects.

For this project, the original base shoe was the Nike Air Force 1 Highs.  I thought they would make a fun canvas for what I had in mind.

And below is the finished product:

The idea for these was to make something that was inspired by various works of his....sort of a mini collage of his past works.  Inspirations from his past paintings such as "All Colored Cast", "Bird On Money", "Hollywood Africans", "LNAPRK", and "Profit" just to name a few can be found scattered throughout the shoes.  And of course to top it off is the signature crown on the toes, shoe tongues, and box along with his name on the back tabs.

Currently accepting orders for this custom...however, will only be making 5 pairs...first come, first served.  To order your pair, click here.

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To learn more about artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, be sure to check out the Artsy website featuring various artworks and bio regarding the artist: