"Clouded Vision" Dunk High (1-of-1)

As of this update i'm currently finishing up the new Summer Love sneaker series that will be dropping in another week, and I figured before heading back up to NYC on Memorial Day (planning to hang out with Wil from ENI Inc., who you may remember from our previous collabo), I'd post this previously unseen pair from the archives.

I actually completed these about two months ago. This was done on a pair of the old Highlighter Dunks, which I had been trying to get my hands on for months now:

I found a pair at Flight Club once but didn't get them because they didn't have my size, but later came across them in a random Brooklyn sneaker store on sale for dirt cheap (they were the last pair in stock, and only $40! And they just happened to be my exact size..talk about right place at the right time!). Anyway after having them sitting around the house untouched for what seemed like forever I finally decided to come up with a design for them in between other stuff I had been working on. Here's the finished product:

The reason I named these 'Clouded Vision' was due to the colors of the pattern and the fact that the colors reminded me of clouds in the sky, except interpreted with a funky old-school 60s style. The artwork reminds me of images I saw online from art that you might see done back during the Woodstock era.

Just a little appetizer before the main course :)

More to come soon..until then, have a happy & safe Memorial day!