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For anyone who reads this blog & has a facebook page:

Last month I did a free contest giveaway where one person won a free pair of sneakers, another won a free custom toy, and another person won a half price code for their next order. Also there was a free sticker giveaway recently (in which I got bombarded & the stickers went super quick..i'm still getting email requests!). I have ideas of doing another sticker giveaway & sneaker contest but at the moment the page likes are too low for me to do it on the scale that I want (I want to do at least 2 shoe giveaways this time). This is where I need your help.

If you have a facebook page, I not only want you to go & hit the 'like' button (if you haven't already), but I want you to suggest the page to all your friends! I have tons more items & special projects coming this year but without enough people to actually see them, that would defeat the purpose of showing them. I get people contacting me about contests but the fact is I don't plan to do any more until the page likes get higher (I really want to crack 1,000 & go beyond that hopefully). There's so much more I want to do with the page but I need you guys to 'meet me halfway' so to speak.

So, if you want me to give you a chance to win something like this:

(*actual sneakers won by Ruben Montes in the contest*)

or this...

or make up some more of these...

..then help spread the word! To get to the fan page go to the box on the right of this screen that says 'Ecentrik Artistry Fan Page's Fan Box', or click the link below:




  1. your stuff is awazing and your a talented person.I will def suggest you to my friends cuz i believe they will find your stuff as fantastic as I! Big ups to you my friend!

  2. Thank you Starr, that means more than you know! I'm hoping to get some more stickers printed up & you're the first person i'll keep in mind!

  3. ohhhhhh I am eyeballin some silver sneaks....lol will def share the page again!

  4. That sounds cool! Funny you mentioned that because I've been itching to do something in silver, just haven't planned anything out yet..


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