"Facial Features" Version 2.0

Over a year ago I made a pair of custom shoes that I called "Facial Features". The basic concept behind them was that I took a random image of a character's face from a Japanese anime and scrambled the features around throughout the shoes. I originally made these shoes for my own personal collection but never wore them as I started thinking about selling them instead. I've debated back & forth throughout the last year on what to do with them and during this time they still remained in my closet. A few months ago, I got the opportunity to display my work at the Conception Tribeca II show in NYC and decided to bring the shoes with me in case I got an offer for them, which pretty much confirmed that I would definitely sell them (no offers for them that night although they grabbed lots of attention). For a second I had second thoughts & thought maybe I developed an attachment to them because of the unique design. Fast forward to a weeks later when one day I bought these Nike Dunks:

(pic courtesy of Kix and The City (not my pic))

I then figured "Why don't I just make myself another pair if i'm gonna part with the originals?" So this idea gave birth to the Facial Features Dunk version 2.0:

Original Box Label:

New Box Label:

Oh, and there's also a matching toy (originally made for the 1st pair):

Check out the comparisons: Other than the fact that the new ones are high tops & the originals are lows, there are very few changes in the two:

So basically..the low top pair (size 10.5) is for sale while the high top pair (sz. 11.5) i'm keeping for me :)


  1. I love these! love the blue and orange complimentary colors!


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