Summer Love (Series I and II) Announcement/Update

As mentioned in a previous update, The Summer Love II Series, the "sequel" to last year's series, will be available on June 1st (a review/look at the collection will be done a week or few days sooner).  In the meantime, however, as a lead up to Summer Love II,  I have decided to bring back the original series for a limited time!

The original series will only be back up until May 28th (Memorial Day).  The 1st series includes:

1. The "Island Cocktail" Air Max 90s:

(Available at this link: "Island Cocktail" Air Max 90)

2. The "Surf's Up!" Air Max 90s:

(Available at this link: "Surf's Up" Air Max 90)

3. The shoe that seemed to be the most popular of the series, The "Tropical Sunset" Air Force Ones:

(Available at this link: "Tropical Sunset" Air Force One)

 4. And the previously unreleased "Tropical Paradise" Air Force Ones.  I blogged about this shoe previously as this particular shoe was actually the original concept art for the Tropical Sunset shoe:

(Available at this link: "Tropical Paradise" Air Force One)

Again, this Series I reissue will only last until May 28th, 2012 (Memorial Day) more pairs of the above shoes will be made after that date (Tropical Sunset shoes pending).  Summer Love series II will debut later that week and will be available on June 1st.