"Ronin" Custom Air Max 90

Every good hero has an antagonist...Superman has Lex Luthor, Batman has The Joker, Spider Man has The Green Goblin, etc.  Some of you may remember earlier this year I created the "Samurai's Blade" Air Max 90s and the matching Samurai custom figure...well I recently got the idea to create an arch nemesis/rival for the Samurai.  Enter the rogue samurai, Ronin.

 Ronin and The Samurai were former friends and allies who learned under the same teacher in the dojos in Japan.  However, certain issues later led to the two going down separate paths...The Samurai went on the path of good while his former friend went down a different path and became one of the most dangerous & most evil warriors ever known (the symbol on his head & on the tongues of the shoes is kanji for "dangerous", while the symbol on the back of the shoes is kanji for "Ronin").  By the way, the shoe box is also hand painted as well.

 I wanted to do a shoe/toy combo that was similar to the Samurai's Blade combo in both theme and style but with a darker sinister tone....almost like a Superman vs Bizarro type of vibe where Bizarro's a guy who has the same abilities as his rival and even has a similar costume but is pretty much an evil version (another example for those who follow comics would be The Flash vs Professor Zoom/Reverse Flash).  I'm thinking about doing this as a series and including more characters/shoes but that currently remains to be seen.

 The "Ronin" Air Max 90s and custom toy are available in the online store and are available to order in 3 ways: you can order the shoes & toy as a combo, order the shoes without the toy, or even order the toy by itself.  The Samurai's Blade combo is also being re-released with the same options.

Ronin Shoe/toy combo: http://www.ecentrik.bigcartel.com/product/ronin-custom-air-max-90-toy-combo

Ronin shoes without toy: http://www.ecentrik.bigcartel.com/product/ronin-custom-air-max-90

Ronin the evil samurai figure solo (without shoes): http://www.ecentrik.bigcartel.com/product/ronin-the-evil-samurai-8-inch-custom-figure