Air Jordan 3 "Emerald"

Coming off the heels of the Air Jordan 3 "Azure" customs is the Jordan 3 "Emerald".  The idea for these came after the Azure customs, which were a spinoff of the popular Jordan 3 "Sunburn" customs (which are still available here).

The shoe features the same theme as the Azures, which had various shades of blue, but this time around it features various shades of green.  This shoe can be made using the Jordan 3 Fire Reds, the Jordan 3 White Cements, Jordan 3 Retro 88s, or the Jordan 3 Black Cements (the pair in the pic was made with the White Cement 3s).  I am currently taking orders for this shoe but it will be reproduced in limited quantities and select sizes at the link below.  If you want to send your own shoes for this custom, email me at