Air Max 90 "Bizarre Visions"

Continuing the Bizarre Visions shoe theme, which started as a Jordan 7 custom then continued as an Air Force 180 custom, the theme now makes its way onto the Air Max 90.

This series of customs features one of my signature pattern designs and is named after this very blog site.  Originally this was only meant to be done once with the 1-of-1 Jordan 7s but then when the red/white air force 180s were released, I thought it would be a perfect base to bring back the design.  After doing some shoe sketches one day, I wondered how the design would look on a pair of Air Max 90s.  I loved how they looked on the original sketch and decided to bring it to life.

This version may possibly be my favorite of the three.  The design and colors really pop with this particular shoe and just have a really good look in my opinion.  I also decided to put "Ecentrik Artistry" on the back of each shoe, which hadn't been done on the previous versions.  This may be the last in the series but not sure at the moment.  I had thought about a possible Air Force One version.  The Jordan 7 version was done as a 1-of-1 and the air force 180 version is sold out but I will be taking orders to reproduce the Air Max 90 version in a very small amount & in select sizes at this link:

Here's some comparison photos of all three versions: