"Lemon Lime"

Here's the 3rd green-themed shoe i've done within the past year.  Last month I brought you the "Emerald Green" Jordan 5s (which are still available in the online store), and last year, I did a custom shoe called "Emerald" Jordan 3 (which is still available here).  Well recently, the idea came to revisit that custom style and color theme, but this time with a bit of a twist......of lime.

The "Lemon Lime" customs are done with the same process as the Emerald 3s...all the way down to the original base shoe, which was the Fire Red 3s:

However, the one difference from the Emerald 3s is that this shoe has lighter shades of green than the Emeralds.  Below is a comparison between the two.  First is the Emerald 3s:

And here are the Lemon Limes:

As you can see, both have the green fade on the sides (done with no airbrush) and the same color blocking style, but with different shades of green.  The greens on the Lemon Limes are a lot lighter and I also used different laces for the finishing touch.  More pics of the Lemon Limes are below:

The "Lemon Lime" Jordan 3s are available at this link: http://www.ecentrik.bigcartel.com/product/air-jordan-3-lemon-lime-custom