Customer Spotlight: "Tiffany Gone Wild" Revisited

Normally when I make a 1-of-1 pair for my personal collection, I don't make duplicates of it for the general public and it stays as a single pair/design that only I own, but when it comes to my long time, loyal repeat clients, sometimes I will make an exception.  Such was the case with this latest custom.

Last month, I did a Jordan 1 custom called "Tiffany Gone Wild" (check out the original blog post here).  It got a lot of good feedback but was not made available to order.  Not too long after posting them, I got contacted by one of my long time repeat clients who's a big sneaker collector and wanted to commission me for another custom.  He was planning on sending me a pair of the White Ice SB Dunks that came out last year that he wanted me to put my touch on.  One of the customs he mentioned was the Tiffany Gone Wild Jordans and how much he liked the design and colors & I mentioned that I would be willing to make him a dunk version of those.  Again, keep in mind that these were not gonna be duplicated but I do tend to do a little extra for my repeat customers (I reward loyalty!).

These were the shoes that were sent to me as the base to work on...a fresh deadstock pair of the White Ice SB Dunks:

The shoes also have the clear icy soles on them so I wanted to add some color to those as well.  After numerous recommendations (and seeing examples online) I figured i'd try out a new product on the market called Dark Knight Sole Dye to do the color change on the soles, in this case I used Jet Black since the original Nike Tiffany dunk release had the black soles.  So after sole dyeing and then doing the actual prep and custom work on the rest of the shoe, here is the finished result:

The shoe features the same colors and design as the originals (with the exception of the black soles of course).

(Close up shot of the dyed soles.  The dye gives outstanding coverage and holds up excellent.  Dark Knight Sole Dye's product is official!)

One change I did make was instead of the words "Gone Wild" on each tongue tag with the lipstick marks (as seen on the originals), I decided to put the client's initials on them, which when you think about it kinda gives both these and the originals a unique 1-of-1 quality as both have that little detail or details that still make them stand out from each other despite being the same design.

And finally, some comparison shots with both the original Jordan version and Dunk version together:

The privileges of being a regular customer!