Customer Spotlight: "Saul Colt Idea Integration Co" Jordan 3s

Saul Colt is a good friend of mine and I have had the pleasure of working with him on custom shoe projects for years going back to at least 2010 (check them out here, here, here, here, and here).  Saul is an expert marketing consultant, professional speaker, and creative director at the Idea Integration Company.  It's always fun working with Saul because his requests always challenge me artistically and although the basic ideas may be his, he gives me a lot of creative freedom to add my own artistic vision (sometimes I would love to have more clients like Saul more often).  So when he contacted me recently to commission another project needless to say I jumped at the chance.

This time around Saul wanted something done specifically on a pair of Air Jordan 3s (my personal favorite Jordan retro silhouette) and wanted the theme to represent him and his brand.  He sent me the pic above and the pic below to be included:

And since the Triple White Jordan 3s had just released, I thought they would be the perfect canvas with the all white leather and clear bottom soles:

He also mentioned that he liked the color fade technique I had done in many of my past customs so I decided I would include that along with some of my own pattern details.  After running a rough draft/mockup by him and us both deciding on a design it was time to get to work.  Here is the finished product:

As you can see, the face drawing was added to the tongues (I thought that would be the best place to add them due to the style of the Jordan 3 upper can stick out without being too distracting).  I also wanted to keep the shoes with a predominantly red color theme since the main logo is red and white.  I used basic red and cherry red for the blending red colors (which were also used on the bottom soles).

Another fun project for my friend Saul...hoping for many more to come!

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