"Siberian Tiger"

Admittedly, I have a fascination with animals, but not the typical house pets like dogs and cats....more like wild animals/wildlife. The type of animals that either aren't common as pets or those that can't be kept as pets.  I love the unique looks and habits of exotic animals & insects.  This is pretty evident from a few of my past designs...."Cheetah's Fury""Killer Panda""Toucan""Snow Leopard", and the recent "Zebra Apocalypse" just to name a few.  And here's another pair to continue the tradition...these are titled "Siberian Tiger".

The shoe is modeled obviously after the endangered species of the same name:

 (Pic courtesy of Wikipedia)

I love the look of the tiger...the cool stripes, the gradient blend of orange and white in the fur, the unique look of their eyes (which differs from other felines) and wanted to do a shoe version:

Notice the layout of the swooshes in the above pics...the inner swooshes are done in all black while the outer swooshes feature the animal stripe design and the tiger eyes on each side.  This shoe is available to order in both mens and womens sizes in the online store at the link below.

"Siberian Tiger" Air Force One Low